Multipurpose Identification Tags

Custom Branding

SwaggerTag offers a range of custom branding options for both corporate and institutional purposes.

Our Identification Tags provide strong brand identification and link, benefit the end user, are unique and cost effective. SwaggerTags are a useful device that provides the user with a constant reminder of your brand.

Custom branded SwaggerTags are perfect as a corporate give-away item, for sponsorships, at fundraisers and events, or for sale through institutional boutiques & publications.

For more information or to place an order, please:

• call: 1-866-460-4440 or 416-567-9994
• email:
• send a message via our Contact Form
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Corporate Custom Branding Options

SwaggerTags offer several custom branding options to suit your needs:

Custom Branding SwaggerTag Identification Tags, Sticker

Custom A

Sticker on Unit Back:
Custom logo/image is printed on UV coated stickers, then applied to the back of the unit. The SwaggerTag unit retains 
the ability for the end user to customize both the window area and ID circle.

Custom Branding SwaggerTag Identification Tags, Window

Custom B

Window Art:
Custom logo/image is printed on both sides of standard card stock, circular punched, then inserted and sealed into out-facing window. The SwaggerTag unit retains the ability for the end user to customize the ID circle, but not the window 

A great option for institutions is to add the school address in the inside top section of the unit so that a found item can be returned to the school office, then passed on to the student.

Custom Branded SwaggerTag Identification Tag, Open

Custom Branding SwaggerTag Identification Tags

Custom C

Window Art & Backer Card:
As per Custom B, with the addition of a custom branded Backing Card (front side only) for the packaging to complete the look. Artwork can be provided using our template, or handled for you by our in-house graphic design services.

Custom Branding SwaggerTag Identification Tags, Micro-Perforated Sheets

Custom D

Do-It-Yourself Micro-perforated Sheets:
Perfect for limited run and budget-conscious jobs. Customize your order internally with these lightweight card stock, 
micro-perforated, inkjet-compatible, 8.5″ x 11″ sheets. Each sheet prints 20 image circles.

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