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Travel Video News reviews SwaggerTags as great travel accessories

Travel Accessory for Travel Video TV NewsTravel Video News posted a great piece July 9, 2013 to introduce SwaggerTags as great travel accessories with the headline: “A New Cute Travel Product Called the SwaggerTag Helps Personalize All Your Luggage.” Tavel accessory for Travel Video NewsThe writer goes on to say: “A cute item crossed my desk recently that is small, inexpensive, ($3.99 each) and helps you differentiate your luggage from everyone else’s. The part that’s cute is how you can customize it with your own photo, logo or image that floats your boat – like an earring or tattoo for your suitcase! They actually even make terrific tags for pet collars or as gift tags, and who doesn’t love customizing their stuff?”

The writer even added one to their own gear, saying: “They’re pretty hardy, so it would be difficult for them to be pulled off. I love how my company’s logo fit nicely into the tag, and I keep it on my brief case.”

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