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Fodeez: Stocking Stuffers that Stick

Fodeez Frames - Christmas

Searching for the cute little stocking stuffer that will last a lifetime and provide hours of fun?

Guest post by Val Moody of Fodeez Frames

Fodeez® Frames are reusable display frames kids can use to post pictures of their favorite aunts or uncles (mom and dad too?), the family dog or their best friend (which may also be the family dog). Even more fun, they can draw mustaches on siblings, and the mustache can easily be wiped clean!

Say Your Prayers

One of my favorite kid stories is from a young woman that used to babysit my kids but now has children of her own. When Leah purchased her first Fodeez® Frames, she noted they were something her 4-year-old son loves. My comment was that boys aren’t as necessarily into pictures as much as girls seem to be. “Oh, no . . . he loves the frames!” she said. “We have one for each family member on his bookshelf next to his bed. That’s how he says his prayers every night.” How sweet is that?

Fodeez Frames - Uses

Notebooks, Lockers, Laptops, iPads, Bookcases, Walls…

These simple to use peel and stick picture frames adhere to all smooth surfaces without causing damage. Which means Emma, my 10-year-old daughter, can use them on her closet doors to show off her most recent drawings, and I won’t have to ever repaint those doors.

Kitchen Fun

Another customer, Kristi, wrote in to tell us how her son, John, likes to keep her company in the kitchen while she’s cooking. In the past, Kristi used to give John paper to draw on to keep him happy while she cooked. Now, a camo-themed Fodeez® Frame allows John to create masterpieces on the fridge and then he can start over as often as he likes. Paper is saved, and another tree gets to remain standing!

Lots of Colors & Patterns

Fodeez® Frames are available in hundreds of patterns and colors. The Peace & Love is most popular with girls up to about age 8, boys like to choose from multiple sports themes, and the ever-popular chevron appeals to pretty much every age group. Something for everyone!

Fodeez are available in a wide selection of colors & designs, and in a number of standard photo sizes (2″x3″; 4″x6″; 5″x7″ & 8″x10″). Can’t decide? Try one of their multipacks. To shop or learn more about Fodeez award-winning peel and stick adhesive display frames, click here.

Here in SwaggerTag’s News Blog, we occasionally open up our postings to complimentary small business owners and writers to feature articles we hope will interest our readers.

2014 Mompreneur of the Year Final Results

…And the Winners Are…

2014 Mompreneur Awards Photo
Here are the result for Canada’s 2014 Mompreneur Award of Excellence.
The 2014 Mompreneur of the Year Award & Grand Prize went to Elaine Tan Comeau of Easy Daysies.

Easy Daysies is a magnetic scheduler and visual organizer for kids. Developed by school teacher Elaine to initially help her students in the classroom, parent demand for a home-based version of her popular tool became overwhelming. Initially modeled on the concept of having easy days, parents found that Comeau’s magnetic scheduler reduced anxiety and created routine for better management of their hectic schedules, allowing children easier transitions and visual reminders of daily expectations. Easy Daysies has won many product and parenting awards, can be found in over 1300 stores across North America and is recommend by child psychologists and occupational therapists.

First Runner-up was awarded to Dawn Mucci of The Lice Squad. Second Place went to Hayley Mullins of SleepBelt and Third Place went to Gwenda Lindhorst-Ko of myColdCup.

2014 Mompreneur Award of Excellence FinalistTop voted finalists included Angel Dutrisac of Lux Keepsake Quilts, Christine Hicks of and Elaine Tan Comeau of Easy Daysies.

It was quite the ride, and I’m very proud of my two years as a Finalist and would like to thank my incredible group of supporters who helped me get there. I made a number of friends and other great connections in these last two years. In addition to the Event & Gala ticket, Finalist luncheon, and meeting Arlene Dickensen, I received a one year membership to the Toronto Chapter of The Mompreneurs and a lovely glass keepsake.

All a-twitter about SwaggerTag

Picking up on Tweets about SwaggerTag

Tweets about SwaggerTag, July 17, 2013

I love Twitter for all the connections you can make. It’s so cool that I was able to see the tweets about SwaggerTag from @TheStephGlover, @TodaysEveryMom and @JoulesDellinger in an exchange July 17, 2013. I had recently mailed a few samples to Stephanie Glover of A Grande Life for review, and she was obviously quite pleased about receiving them. She, and many other bloggers are heading to BlogHer13, the 9th annual conference for women bloggers, taking place at the Sheraton Chicago July 25 to 27, 2013. I hope everyone has a great time.

After receiving her package, Stephanie sent us an e-mail: “I love them! You guys are so great with customer service. I was surprised with the custom tags! I am using them for BlogHer so I’ll make sure to snag some pictures of them in the airport and have my review up after I get back!” I’m really looking forward to Stephanie’s upcoming review!

Women Inventorz Network’s Product Showcase

SwaggerTag featured in the WIN’s Product Showcase

Good Day SacramentoThe Women Inventorz Network, who orchestrated the opportunity to be featured in the Good Day Sacramento (CBS) TV segments, also posted a “Product Showcase” on their blog for all eleven women-invented products. To learn more about all the fabulous featured products and their inventors, visit the Product Showcase link above, or the direct to website links below.
SwaggerTag Identification Tags is in the fifth spot, following: Elonka Nichole Designs, VeryMeri, Q-Redew and Drink Duets; and before: Corky Kouture, 3GirlsHolistic, The Shopping Pal, (fellow Canadian) Nightmare Nibbler, and FlopTopz. Like many women inventors, all of our products were designed out of frustration with what was currently available, and once developed, we found a following.

SwaggerTag & Crappy Pictures

My SwaggerTag ID Tag gets a shout out from Amber Dusick

Rece by SwaggerTag ID TagOne of the great things about inventing a id tag is sharing it. I recently discovered Californian Amber Dusick of the popular blog “Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures”. One of her blogs was featured in an article I was reading, so I clicked over and became hooked on her hilarious take on parenting her “Crappy Toddler” and “Crappy Baby”, along with her husband, “Crappy Papa”. Amber writes what’s really on her mind (and rarely said out loud) as she interacts with her kids, yet invariably ends on the bright side. Added to her posts are a series of adorably quirky illustrations in her trademark style. She really makes me laugh, and out loud, too. Her posts have become so popular that she was approached to write and illustrate a book, which is newly available everywhere (including at Chapters/Indigo). I plan on purchasing a copy for myself and another for any new mom friend that could use a good laugh.

Crappy Pictures TweetWe cyber-connected last week and afterwards I sent her a couple of custom SwaggerTags using her illustrations (with her permission, of course!). Yesterday she e-mailed back to tell me they arrived, how much she liked them, and how handy they’ll be for her upcoming book tour: ““Thanks for the tags, they look amazing with the pics inside! Just tweeted a pic.” Here’s her shout-out: “Look at my nifty luggage tag that @swaggertag sent me! Now to buy a suitcase, zipper broke on old one.” I’m so proud!

Girls Above Society

Connecting with Girls Above Society

Girls Above Society
Girls Above Society & SwaggerTag
One of the fun things about Twitter is how you connect with people you likely wouldn’t ever have the chance to meet. Recently, I connected with Lauren Marie Galley of Houston, Texas. She’s the inspiring 18 year-old President of “Girls Above Society”, a 501C3 organization bringing awareness to the issues young girls face in today’s society. Lauren launched a platform of teen-to-teen mentorship, and developed a “Girl Talk” program, exclusively created for girls in grades 5-9. She’s working to empower teen girls using social media, public speaking events, and dramatic film presentations that teens can relate to, creating a social movement.
We tweeted, got to know each other a bit, and I sent her a SwaggerTag. It took a little while to get from Toronto to Texas, but she loves it and posted this video in thanks. She also sent me a photo with her SwaggerTag added to her backpack. Thank you, Lauren, and I love what you’re doing to empower young girls.

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