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The Stuff Of Success Review

The Stuff of Success’ SwaggerTag ID Tag Review

Stuff of Success review of SwaggerTag ID TagsAmerican Northeastern-based head writer of The Stuff of Success, Athena Nagel, accepted a few SwaggerTags a while back, and I couldn’t be happier with her October 8, 2014 product review. (After all: to be mentioned in The Stuff of Success—as a labeled “successful” invention—is quite a pleasure for SwaggerTag ID Tags!)

The Stuff of Success SwaggerTag ID PhotoAthena at The Stuff of Success loves that “SwaggerTag ID Tags make it easy, safe, fun, and affordable to identify everything that goes out the door.” She notes that SwaggerTags are very “attractive and customizable,” leaving your kids to do whatever they want to boast their personality on the outside of their backpack or duffel. She even mentions that their avid camping family will be latching their SwaggerTag ID Tags to their bikes at their usual campground to keep better track of them.

Athena, the head writer and reviewer of The Stuff of Success, is a daytime School Business Administrator and a nighttime mother to two special needs children. Her life is a whirlwind adventure, boasting a ton of loving and lovely family members and many vacations in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Check out her product reviews, her giveaways, and her guides to better gift giving.

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