Multipurpose Identification Tags

This Roller Coaster Called Life Review

SwaggerTag: the new best travel friend!

This Roller Coaster Called Life review of SwaggerTag ID Tags
Naomi knows that life is full of ups and downs, and that’s how she came about naming her blog, This Roller Coaster Called Life. She is also a huge fan of all things Disney, and was looking for a tag she could customize with some of her family’s favorite characters. I believe she learned about SwaggerTag from another blog review, and then connected with me on Twitter.

In her October 15, 2013 review, I love that Naomi calls SwaggerTag her new best travel friend! Here’s more of what she said:

  • “So, I saw this really cool product and had to try it out!”
  • “Here’s my new best travel friend, SwaggerTag!”
  • “First of all, it can be personalized. (…) Too cool! Really, the sky’s the limit in personalizing these. The SwaggerTag comes with a small paper ring that makes cutting out an image to just the right size simple.”
  • “[M]y son is begging for the green SwaggerTag. Yes, he REALLY likes it that much!”
  • “Planning your next trip? I think SwaggerTags would make a great addition to your carry-ons. I know my carry-ons will be sporting SwaggerTags for my next journey!”
  • Naomi is also an Independent Vacation Planner affiliated with The Magic For Less Travel. While her specialty is vacation to the varied Disney destinations, she’d would be happy to help you plan vacations to other destinations, as well. If you are interested in a no-obligation quote, please feel free to email her at

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