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PBG Lifestyle Magazine features Swaggertag as a creative tag solution for back-to-school.
PBG Lifestyle Mag LogoHollie Hosler of PBG Lifestyle Magazine paints a compelling picture of why every kid’s school backpack should have a SwaggerTag in her August 12, 2013 posting. And this happens to be the original catalyst for why these creative tags were developed:

“You spend a horrific amount of money on the backpack at the mall that your lovely child just “had” to have this upcoming school season. As they get into their homeroom class, they see three other students with the same exact bag, overtaking the spotlight that your child was supposed to have. The room, now overpopulated with identical book bags, becomes a worry for you, and a nuisance to your youngster. Here’s the answer: SwaggerTag.”

Here’s a little more of what Hollie had to say in her article:
• “Once you have your tag, let the creative juices flow as you customize and personalize your tag any way you want.”
• “This locket-style product lets you keep personal information on the inside, so it stays private unless it’s opened.”
• “[T]heir backpack will go back to its rightful owner if it was ever lost or got mixed up.
• “They are built to last as well.(…)The ties are strong enough to endure any extracurricular-active lifestyle.”
• “Not only are they useful at school, but SwaggerTags are perfect for anyone!”

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