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Naturally Cracked Review

Naturally Cracked boosts SwaggerTag ID Tags to stocking stuffer status

That’s right: this year, Naturally Cracked review of SwaggerTag ID TagsNaturally Cracked bumped SwaggerTag up to stocking stuffer status in her October 21, 2014 post entitled That’s right: “SwaggerTag is making my life that much easier: no more worry of items being lost!” The holidays are almost here, everyone, and mom blogger Tiffany Collins at Naturally Cracked is preparing with an initial ID tag search.

Naturally Cracked Image of SwaggerTag ID TagsTiffany’s creative personality fuels her to label her stockings differently: she seems to make the stocking search an interesting one, hiding the stockings throughout her house and allowing her children the fun of investigation! She states: “I was trying to figure out a fun way that my youngest could find his stocking and be independent when doing so.” What a fun use of SwaggerTag! Tiffany further says: “I was able to customize my tags with just about anything from simple initials, a name, or even a picture. Karen, the owner and designer, was fantastic and sent me a special SwaggerTag with my Blog logo.” Tiffany swiped a SwaggerTag for herself to tote around at conferences and various events, as well, allowing everyone to note that she is the blogger behind Naturally Cracked. She was able to keep her very personal information confidential on the inside of the SwaggerTag for enhanced convenience, as well.

Furthermore, Tiffany notes that we at SwaggerTag are proud supporters of Scouts Canada. She says: “I love sharing and supporting companies that are giving back and supporting local organizations.” Cool!

She further suggests: “Don’t forget to get your kids, teachers, spouse, and anyone else a SwaggerTag this holiday season and give them the gift of reassurance!” I couldn’t have said it better myself — thanks, Tiffany!

Ontario-based blogger Tiffany’s Naturally Cracked is her platform for her endless, unafraid, and super-confident opinions. She says: “I love to talk about things I like, the things I don’t like, how I do things, and why I do them and honestly sometimes I just need to vent.” She shares reviews, recipes, parenting information, and other topics parents want and need to discuss in an open, communicative environment. Her current 2014 Holiday Gift Guide—getting the head-start on all of us—is an essential for the next six weeks.

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