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MumRX Interview

Momtrepreneur Interview with MumRx: The Cure for the Common Day

MumRx Review of SwaggerTagI’m really excited to announce that MumRx—a layered website geared toward making womens’ lives easier, everywhere, featured SwaggerTag ID Tags this past June in their Momtrepreneur series. (I’m right there in between some other super hard-working mothers with kids, constant commitments, and their own businesses. Quite a group to be included with!)

Here’s what MumRx said in the June 2, 2014 “Momtrepreneur: Karen Walker from SwaggerTag” blog post:

“Trying to make sure our kids’ items are labeled with their names and other personal information can be a bit o a pain. Often, the labels come off or our kids’ information is completely visible for anyone to see. Karen Walker wasn’t going to have any of that and took it upon herself to create Swagger Tag.”

MumRX: The Cure for the Common Day had me talking about SwaggerTag from every angle. My early frustrations, my sheer (and quite obvious) love of color, and my general enjoyments about owning and operating my own business. (Everything from being able to show my children the rewards of continuous efforts to wearing jeans and a good, heavy sweater to work.)

MumRx: The Cure for the Common Day is an absolutely essential website for women looking to juggle—well—too much. (After all: there’s so much in this life to do, to see, to experience. Why give up on any of it, right?) The website brings a collaborative group of women, each with her own idea and her own creative expertise—sometimes with an edge of much-needed sass. These immaculate women walk you through fantastic fashion finds, stunning recipes (with a few necessary cocktails, as well), tips to entertain large groups, and general ideas to help us moms live better every day. Seriously. This site is a lifesaver for any occasion.

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