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Melissa Dell’s A Bit of Everything Review

Melissa Dell’s Favorite Preschool Items: Including SwaggerTag ID Tags!

Melissa Dell's A Bit of Everything review of SwaggerTagA while back, blogger Chris from What I Run Into had a giveaway to send out a SwaggerTag four-pack to one lucky winner. Lucky for us here at SwaggerTag, that lucky winner was blogger Melissa Dell, who runs a beautiful blog called “A Bit of Everything.”

Through “Our Preschool Favorite Items and Giveaway!” blog post of August 3, 2014, Melissa recounts working through that first year of preschool—the very year in my life, if you remember, that I had the idea for SwaggerTag. (All those pink backpacks: unrecognizable!) Her young daughter, Aubrey, couldn’t be more adorable with her pigtails and her (all-too-familiar) pink backpack on her way to preschool. Each item that Melissa mentions on this blog is steeped with her own artistic personality: down to the way she organizes Aubrey’s lunch boxes. (Taking notes over here, Melissa!)

Melissa Dell's photo of SwaggerTagMelissa’s blog post explains that she chose two boy-colored SwaggerTags and two girl-colored SwaggerTags: two for each of her young children. About a year ago, she stuck a Minnie Mouse sticker into Aubrey’s SwaggerTag—the perfect match to pigtails and pink backpacks—and sent Aubrey on her way. Now, one year later, Aubrey’s SwaggerTag still looks bright and brand new. Melissa even washes the one she affixes to Aubrey’s lunchbox, and it’s seen no wear-and-tear. “A year later and [SwaggerTag ID Tags] still look just as great. I even wash the lunchbox once a week to prevent stink and the water hasn’t affected the paper! They’re affixed with zipties so it holds tight! I’m lucky that I have 2 more to use on Luke’s items too!”

Melissa is a super-chic Los Angeles blogger and mother of two adorable children. She writes about nearly everything: from personal time, to at-home tips, to life as a businesswoman. She’s the head of Bling Diva Designs, creating stunning wedding cake toppers every since 2009. Furthermore, she’s a partner of SoCal Lady Bloggers—a community of women who assist local small businesses and other Southern California bloggers. She’s a constant juggler and a woman with personality and flair. There’s always something exciting happening on her blog.

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