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Lane Kennedy Talks Life: the Entrepreneur Experience with SwaggerTag founder Karen Walker

Check Out my Entrepreneur Experience interview with Lane Kennedy!

Lane Kennedy Talks LifeLane Kennedy Levy, a vibrant and “straightforward” woman with immense personal power and beauty asked me a few entrepreneur questions for an October 24, 2014 podcast distributed to her amazing online community of “Lane Kennedy Talks Life: the Entrepreneur Experience”. Have a listen to her interesting questions and my answers!

Lane asked me to name two entrepreneur-related tips to share with Moms right now. Just two? It was hard to choose, of course. But I arrived at some relevant truths: “It’s going to take you longer than you likely think, so persevere. It helps to surround yourself with a small business community, whether in-person or virtual, to ask questions, get feedback and support.” If I could underline this, over and over, with red pen: I would.

Furthermore, she asked me to name two books I’d like Lane Kennedy Levy listeners to read. Of course, I had to mention my handy-dandy “bible,” The Mom Inventors Handbook by Tamara Monosoff. Also, of course, I noted my favorite de-stress activity: curling up on a comfortable couch and reading Brit chick-lit.

Lane Kenney Levy’s website gives three-dimensions to her overarching mission: “to touch the lives of other women who are on a quest to having and enjoying more time, freedom, and independence!” She wants to activate our lives, empower us to live stronger, and fuel our own change in the world. Lane lives a truly incredible, inspiring existence, and she gives strength to other entrepreneur women (like me at SwaggerTag!) all over the world. Check out her blog for unique life advice, really funny anecdotes, and fun life-affirming challenges.

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