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Have Sippy Will Travel Guest Blog Post

Check out my SwaggerTag ID Tag guest blog post on Have Sippy, Will Travel!

SwaggerTag Guest Post on Have Sippy Will TravelLast September, I had the enormous pleasure of guest blogging about SwaggerTag ID Tags on Have Sippy, Will Travel, a Travel website owned by a remarkable woman named Samantha. My article: “The Migratory Patterns of Kids’ Gear,” could be the outline of the next big children’s book. Where, in the world, does our kids’ stuff go? Does it walk on its own? Does it have its own bus fare? “How does a pair of running shoes find its way up telephone wires? Do scooters and bikes wheel themselves miles away from home?” These are not questions I—or anyone else—can readily answer. In fact, the New York City’s Transit reports a rotating inventory of more than 160,000 missing items. How many of those things, do you think, are purses, pink backpacks, or super-important stuffed animals? Of course, this New York City Transit system does its very best to reunite these items with their original owners (see my post if you want to learn how). But this matching is often difficult—paving the way for SwaggerTag ID Tags. Think of all the public-transit people, all over the world, with easy minds as they hook up with their things again. Phew.

My September 27, 2014 article was well-received, and was widely shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Backpacks with SwaggerTagSamantha of Have Sippy, Will Travel is an intelligent spark in the blogosphere. She speaks several foreign languages and has traveled to many countries, all over the world. (Her most posts about Vermont, a picturesque farm in the middle of Pennsylvania, and a cliff-side home in Maine are so beautiful, it’s heart wrenching. What a life she leads!) Check out her travel advice, her diet plan reviews, her favorite fashion items, and her continuous joie de vivre. She was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Mom Bloggers in Social Media, and she has appeared in Entertainment Tonight, HostelBookers, Island Life and Times Magazines, Good Housekeeping, and many more. Thanks, Samantha, for bringing me into your enlightening Have Sippy, Will Travel world!

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