Multipurpose Identification Tags

Good Day Sacramento with Women Inventorz Network

SwaggerTag shows Sacramento how to personalize gear

Personalize gear
Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight of the Women Inventorz Network were recently invited to the Good Day Sacramento (CBS) studios to feature 11 women-invented products, and SwaggerTag Identification Tags was lucky enough to be one of their picks!
SwaggerTag was included in Part 2 of 3 segments at the 1:45 min. mark. If you’d like to watch the whole feature on YouTube, including lead-ins, SwaggerTag comes up at the 7:10 min. mark.
Dhana & Melinda did a great job of profiling each product given the unpredictable nature of live television. Melinda was able to comment on many of the great SwaggerTag features and Good Day cast member Julissa Ortiz called SwaggerTag “Super Cool!” When she learned how to keep personal information hidden until opened, she exclaimed: “What a great idea!” Her other comments included “You know how much we like to put our pictures on our items, so that’s fantastic!” and “I love that!” about the many possibilites to personalize gear with SwaggerTag.