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Fodeez: Stocking Stuffers that Stick

Fodeez Frames - Christmas

Searching for the cute little stocking stuffer that will last a lifetime and provide hours of fun?

Guest post by Val Moody of Fodeez Frames

Fodeez® Frames are reusable display frames kids can use to post pictures of their favorite aunts or uncles (mom and dad too?), the family dog or their best friend (which may also be the family dog). Even more fun, they can draw mustaches on siblings, and the mustache can easily be wiped clean!

Say Your Prayers

One of my favorite kid stories is from a young woman that used to babysit my kids but now has children of her own. When Leah purchased her first Fodeez® Frames, she noted they were something her 4-year-old son loves. My comment was that boys aren’t as necessarily into pictures as much as girls seem to be. “Oh, no . . . he loves the frames!” she said. “We have one for each family member on his bookshelf next to his bed. That’s how he says his prayers every night.” How sweet is that?

Fodeez Frames - Uses

Notebooks, Lockers, Laptops, iPads, Bookcases, Walls…

These simple to use peel and stick picture frames adhere to all smooth surfaces without causing damage. Which means Emma, my 10-year-old daughter, can use them on her closet doors to show off her most recent drawings, and I won’t have to ever repaint those doors.

Kitchen Fun

Another customer, Kristi, wrote in to tell us how her son, John, likes to keep her company in the kitchen while she’s cooking. In the past, Kristi used to give John paper to draw on to keep him happy while she cooked. Now, a camo-themed Fodeez® Frame allows John to create masterpieces on the fridge and then he can start over as often as he likes. Paper is saved, and another tree gets to remain standing!

Lots of Colors & Patterns

Fodeez® Frames are available in hundreds of patterns and colors. The Peace & Love is most popular with girls up to about age 8, boys like to choose from multiple sports themes, and the ever-popular chevron appeals to pretty much every age group. Something for everyone!

Fodeez are available in a wide selection of colors & designs, and in a number of standard photo sizes (2″x3″; 4″x6″; 5″x7″ & 8″x10″). Can’t decide? Try one of their multipacks. To shop or learn more about Fodeez award-winning peel and stick adhesive display frames, click here.

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