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Fine Fit Day Review

What I’m loving about Fine Fit Day’s review of SwaggerTag ID Tags

Fine Fit Day reviewAfter the outside temperature started to finally rise above -10°C, I took the opportunity to get back into my running schedule. For motivation, I started to peruse a few fitness blogs, and came across Carly Pizzani & Fine Fit Day.

Carly is an Australian ex-pat living in Brooklyn, NYC with her husband & two-year-old son. She’s an ACSM certified personal trainer, currently working part-time and writing her Fine Fit Day blog, as well as a weekly column called Working (Out) Mama for The Stir of CafeMom fame. Her goal with Fine Fit Day is to motivate and encourage everyone to exercise. She’s a holistic health proponent, and shares workouts, fitness tips, inspirational stories, recipes, as well as updates from her life as a trainer and a fit mama.

I was pretty wowed by her personal story so I sent her an email, along with an invitation to try out SwaggerTag ID Tags. Here’s what she said in a April 9, 2014 “What I’m Loving Right Now” post:

“A while back, Karen from SwaggerTag emailed me, asking me if I’d be interested in trying a sample of her product. It’s a cool idea – a small, colorful tag that you can personalize with your own photo or logo, then you write your contact details inside and attach to luggage, or gym bag, or kid’s bag. It’s totally safe, your info is hidden, but still accessible if you lose your stuff. Another small, independently owned business, too! (And Karen is funny, lovely, and actually went to the trouble of making an insert with my logo in it when she sent me a sample). Disclaimer: my SwaggerTag was free, but I would buy it in a heartbeat.”

By Karen Walker

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