Multipurpose Identification Tags

CNNTravel’s 25 Travel Gadgets

CNN Travel features SwaggerTag ID Tags as a desirable travel gadget in their roundup.

CNN Travel review of SwaggerTag ID Tags as travel gadget
This is it, everyone: the big leagues. CNN Travel mentioned SwaggerTag ID Tags this past summer in its July 9th, 2014 “25 Totally Unnecessary but Desirable Travel Gadgets” article, and I couldn’t be happier. SwaggerTag is No. 16 in the roundup. That’s right: alongside the clip-on cameras, a Louis Vuitton “shower-in-a-suitcase”, the “headphones in a headband”, and the portable CampStove rests our own bright and chipper SwaggerTag ID Tag. It’s nice to be called desirable, no?

Here’s what CNN Travel’s roundup said about SwaggerTag ID Tags: “This is a colorful ID tag to personalize your baggage using a family photo, the logo of your favorite sports team, or any other image. Your personal information is stored safely inside.”

The CNN writers, Jill Becker and Tamara Hinson, mention the ease of personalization that comes with the SwaggerTag. They love the color and the ability to choose an appropriate logo—no matter your favorite team or your most-precious photo. What’s more: they mention that the personal information is safe on the inside of the SwaggerTag, safe from prying eyes. (More necessary than desirable, I’d say.)

And part of the excitement of being featured in a CNN Travel article is that the story gets picked up everywhere — and I mean everywhere -across the U.S, Mexico & South America, and all the way to Australian! I heard from friends & family that there were a number of TV news show mentions, but I wasn’t able to track down any footage online to post. Here’s a few of the pick-ups (over time some posts have been removed, so those that still do are click-able):

SwaggerTag on ABC News Channel 13, travel gadgetABC News Channel 13
SwaggerTag on Big Online News, travel gadgetBig Online News
SwaggerTag on Detik News, travel gadgetDetik Travel
SwaggerTag in Houston Style, travel gadgetHousten Style
SwaggerTag on KSL5 News, travel gadgetKSL News, Salt Lake City
SwaggerTag on KVIA News, travel gadgetKVIS, El Paso
SwaggerTag on La Nacion, travel gadgetLa Nacion
SwaggerTag on Techne, travel gadgetTechne Mexico
SwaggerTag on WDBJ7, travel gadgetWDBJ7 TV, Virginia
SwaggerTag on Where in Cairns, travel gadgetWhere in Cairns, Australia
SwaggerTag on WMYR TV, travel gadgetwMYR TV, New Hampshire
SwaggerTag on WTVR CBS 6, travel gadgetWTVR CBS6
SwaggerTag on WDBJ7, travel gadgetWDBJ7, Virginia

CNN Travel’s mission is to bring the marvelous, layered world to you. It fuels its readers with accounts of unknown experiences, what it’s like to shake hands with the Dalai Lama, and the best hotels around the world. Right now, you can head to the website and look at some of the most beautiful travel photos, each with a unique perspective and essential artist’s eye. Strange and so special to have SwaggerTag featured on CNN’s immaculate travel website—but there it is!

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