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Charlene Chronicles Review

SwaggerTag ID Tags in the Hands of Reviewer Charlene of Charlene Chronicles

Charlene Chronicles review of SwaggerTag

Boston-based Charlene of Charlene Chronicles knows what she likes. She’s reviewed enough products, enough hotels, and enough parenting supplies to understand what’s good—especially in the hands of families. That’s why her June 5, 2014 review of SwaggerTag ID Tags this past June was so exciting. Boston-based Charlene of “A Kid Camp & Summer Travel Must-Have,” she called them.

Throughout her article, Massachusetts Mom, Charlene, recounts all the awesome utilizations of SwaggerTag: “a dog collar, a bike, a bag, a scooter, or a backpack. Where ever you need a tag!” She’s lovin’ the environmental awareness of the overall packaging, and she gives marvelous ideas for personalizing SwaggerTags any way you like: from Lightning McQueen (a staple name in any toddler household) to a sorority logo for older college students. Also, I loved her idea to personalize birthday presents with an extra “umph”—an attached SwaggerTag ID Tag the gift-receiver can keep forever!

Here’s what Charlene said in her SwaggerTag review: “SwaggerTag is easily attached to any gear and is water and impact resistant (for those bags for swimming lessons or the beach!). It’s in environmentally aware packaging with recyclable non-toxic plastic and cardboard.” I can’t help but love that she noticed that!

The Charlene Chronicles is an all-inclusive website, spouting “Luxury Living for Practical Moms.” She’s a woman I would follow anywhere—except, perhaps, on all seven of her completed marathons. (I love to run, but can’t even image seven??) She has a knack for living marvelously—like a sort of queen, with a Hermes Birkin diaper bag and Chanel flats—on a much-needed budget. Her passion is alive on this blog, and she shows other women—women who are struggling to assert their personality into their style and living—how to live their very best.

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