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Central Minnesota Mom Review

Central Minnesota Mom blogger tackles SwaggerTag ID Tags

Central Minnesota Mom on SwaggerTag ID TagsMother of three Central Minnesota Mom Karen Nelson is an extensive blogger, product reviewer, crafter, and travel-logger from the pretty US state with 10,000 lakes. She agreed to try out SwaggerTag ID Tags and bring vibrant color to her everyday familial organization. My fellow Karen received three SwaggerTag colors: Dolphin Blue, Gecko Green, and Hot Pink—one for each of her kids.

Central Minnesota Mom Photo 1In her September 16, 2014 review, Karen walks us through the ways in which she personalized her children’s SwaggerTag ID Tags: from showing us the included rub-on tattoos to laying out each of the included elements of the packaging: the 3 cable ties, the 2 photo protectors, the 1 ID circle, and the 1 circle template.

Central Minnesota Mom Photo 2Because she’s a crafty, creative woman, she didn’t go the paved route to personalizing her children’s SwaggerTags. Karen says: “Now as far as creating your SwaggerTag, I cheated. My kids all wanted images of themselves where I found it hard to crop without removing too much. So I shrunk the images and printed them, and then mounted them on a circle of scrapbooking paper.” Love to see my fellow crafty blogger making SwaggerTag her own!

Karen goes on to note that SwaggerTag “is made of high-quality, food grade plastics.” She appreciates that those colorful, super-safe ID tags are going to keep-on, keepin’ on: “not to fade, come apart, unscrew or break.” Karen further states that she has “handled other ID tags that are sloppy when closing,” unlike SwaggerTag.

Central Minnesota Mom Photo 3A once-licensed veterinary technician, blogger mom Karen missed adult conversation when she went home to raise her three young children. As a result: she created a conversation on the Internet she knew other mothers would be interested in, as well. Every day, she discusses recipes, super-cool travel destinations and deals, brightening up your everyday lifestyle, and creating unique arts and crafts. Even as the gray skies start to cower over Minnesota and us here in Canada, Karen from the state with 10,000 lakes is always giving something we can get excited about. And, lucky for us, in her September 16 blog article, she allowed other moms all over the world to get excited about SwaggerTag!

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