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Canadian Family Roundup

Canadian Family’s Awesome Shout Out to SwaggerTag ID Tag!

Canadian Family on SwaggerTagCanadian Family blogger and self-described kid-gear expert Andrea Traynor felt the uncomfortable tremors of back-to-school and took action with an extensive “10 Things to Get Kids Excited About Back to School List” last September. Lucky for us, SwaggerTag ID Tags made the list!

Canadian Family's photo of SwaggerTag ID TagsBeyond the first realms of brand-new-shoes and new backpacks, Andrea Traynor discusses essential new ways to personalize your kids’ back-to-school gear with things like super-fun skydiving pig pencil toppers, chic clothing options, and non-toxic jewelry. SwaggerTag ducks into the list, fueling “fun and safe” ways for kids “to stake claims to their back packs or lunch bags.” Canadian Family discusses the different design ideas for personalization: from TV characters to kid-created (often in that thick pink crayon or lime green marker) designs.

Canadian Family is the go-to website for parents with continuous questions. Parents with a house full of picky eaters can halt their worries with an extensive list of super-healthy, kid-friendly recipes. Worries about safety during long vacations or “how to throw the best birthday party” fly out the window with essential descriptions and marvelous, creative ideas. It’s perfect for all of us: from those of us wide-eyed and just getting started on the parenting train to those of us tired and weary, packing up college boxes and sending our kids on their way. Extend your parenting knowledge, treat yourself well, and have a little fun with your children with their help. Seriously: they know what they’re talking about.

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