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Canadian Blog House Review

Why I’m Obsessed with Canadian Blog House’s Review of SwaggerTag ID Tags

Canadian Blog House review of SwaggerTagMid-May, Canadian Blog House snatched a few of my SwaggerTag ID Tags and took them for a spin, offering up a $25 dollar package giveaway to an avid blog reader and traveler. The Canadian Blog House review caught my eye: such a glimmer of excitement about SwaggerTag!

Canadian Blog House Photo 1Sandy from Ottawa-based Canadian Blog House couldn’t be more of a joyous Internet personality. She’s constantly blogging about family-friendly travel, some of the most ridiculously mouth-watering recipes (like this Maple Blueberry Sauce), and products that just make our rush-around lifestyle a little bit easier. She’s been an Internet forum personality for nearly ten years now; although her vibrant Canadian Blog House offers much more than a forum. She fuels a continually awesome range of blog postings and giveaways. She’s created a safe-space for a community with like-minded, fun interests.

Canadian Blog House Photo 2Sandy’s constant struggle with losing containers (something us moms can understand on a very intimate level, for sure) brought her to the SwaggerTag ID Tag. Her containers started coming back to her at a much greater rate; what’s more—she loved the personalized ID circle with her Canadian Blog House logo, featuring an adorable beaver. Furthermore, Sandy’s outdoorsy, fun-loving personality was perfect for SwaggerTags because SwaggerTag IDs are manufactured with food-grade materials and without paint.

Here’s what Sandy said in a May 18, 2014 “Got Gear? SwaggerTag It!” Blog Post Review:

“Designed by entrepreneur Karen Walker, SwaggerTags are fun, colourful, durable, and fully customizable identification tags for just about any personal items you wish to tag. They are great for luggage, hockey bags, knapsacks, purses, and even things like bikes, strollers, and camping gear!”

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