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What People Have Said About SwaggerTag

“What we love most is that you can customize them!! You can craft them, address them, put a picture in them or SwaggerTag has FREE window art you can choose from!!”Curiosity Box

“Never lose your bag on your travels.”Traveler 2 Be

“SwaggerTag ID Tags make it easy and fun to personalize your gear. Whether it is luggage or a backpack, SwaggerTag is the safe and affordable way to identify everything that goes out the door. There are so many uses!”Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink

“I keep [SwaggerTag] on all of my luggage as they’re bright, vibrant, and easy to spot!”Champagne Living

“Don’t forget to get your kids, teachers, spouse, and anyone else a SwaggerTag this holiday season and give them the gift of reassurance!”Naturally Cracked

“We’re not the only ones that think SwaggerTag is awesome. Check our some of these amazing awards they’ve won!”MomFuse

“When I pick my daughter up from the afterschool program I have to dig her stuff out from under a pile of other kids stuff!  I am sure I have the correct belongings when I find the SwaggerTag!”The Stuff of Success

“Everyone in the Family can have a Little Travel Swagger!”

“ SwaggerTags are a fun—and safe—way for kids to stake claims to their back packs or lunch bags (there’s no identifying information that could put your child in harm’s way).”Canadian Family

“A year later and [SwaggerTag ID Tags] still look just as great. I even wash the lunchbox once a week to prevent stink and the water hasn’t affected the paper! They’re affixed with zipties so it holds tight!”Melissa Dell’s A Bit of Everything

“This is a colorful ID tag to personalize your baggage using a family photo, the logo of your favorite sports team, or any other image. Your personal information is stored safely inside.”CNN Travel

“SwaggerTag is easily opened and keeps your luggage safely labeled with your information, just in case it loses you.”The Joyful Organizer

“SwaggerTag is easily attached to any gear and is water and impact resistant (for those bags for swimming lessons or the beach!). It’s in environmentally aware packaging with recyclable non-toxic plastic and cardboard.” Charlene Chronicles

“SwaggerTags are so awesome, I like to use them for more than just travel!” WAHM Reviews

“As you can see, from start to finish, it is easy to install your own SwaggerTag. They open easily, snap together, and hold your information securely. Attaching them to your gear with the zip ties is effortless.” – Canadian Blog House

“It’s a cool idea – a small, colorful tag that you can personalize with your own photo or logo, then you write your contact details inside and attach to luggage, or gym bag, or kid’s bag. It’s totally safe, your info is hidden, but still accessible if you lose your stuff.(…) Disclaimer: my SwaggerTag was free, but I would buy it in a heartbeat.” – Fine Fit Day

“Whether you want to make sure your kids’ backpacks or sports bags are identified, or you have a family member or friend who’s a frequent flier, there’s sure to be someone on your list who would love to be surprised with one of these!” – WAHM Reviews

“What are you waiting for?? Go get you some swagger… tags… now!! :)” – US-Japan Family

“What we loved best is that the SwaggerTag is extremely durable. We know that children can be so rough sometimes, throwing down their school bags or putting them in check when they are traveling abroad. The pictures keep in tact as the tag itself is so strong.” – The Baby Spot

“You can easily tell I love this product. It is such a great product. I will be getting a few for when we head on our Vegas trip!” – Canadian Basics

[Best products for new mom & baby]: SwaggerTags are a personalized tag to put on bags and are great for anyone of any age! You can attach them to pretty much any bag: a diaper bag, backpack, or luggage. There is one side for your information and one side for a photo. The instructions were very straight-forward and it was very easy to put in a photo and attach it to the bag.” – Shannon Miller Lifetyle

“Everyone in the family can have a little travel swagger!” – New York Amsterdam News

“As far as style goes, my 15 year old daughter likes the SwaggerTags. If it passes the teenage girl test then I know that the tags are cool! The SwaggerTags come in several colors. However, the best part about style is the fact that you can customize your luggage tag in a variety of fun ways!” – The Mouse For Less

“Here’s my new best travel friend, SwaggerTag! First of all, it can be personalized. (…) Too cool! Really, the sky’s the limit in personalizing these. The SwaggerTag comes with a small paper ring that makes cutting out an image to just the right size simple.” – This Roller Coaster Called Life

“Speaking of travel, I love these customizable bag tags from SwaggerTag that can completely reflect your personality!” – Misadventures with Andi

“That’s [SwaggerTags] something all valuables should be marked with.” – Tracey Hawkins, The Safety Lady, Lisa Holbrook, KCTV 5’s Better Kansas City (CBS), “Safety Gadgets & Gear Offer Smart Options for Students”

“These neat tags are held on tight by zipties and open up to reveal whatever information you choose to write on their customizable inserts. Add a photo or picture to the outside for a little personality — and to help your kiddos locate their items quickly!” – So Fawned

“SwaggerTag lets you create  a personalized tag so that you can easily identify your suitcase in a pile of cases or off the conveyor belt in baggage claim. The contact information is discreetly hidden inside so that it not showing for the world to see where you came from either.” – Doctors Wives Living

“Not only that SwaggerTag has been awarded with many awards that make me feel proud and safe to use their product.” – Learn To Be A Mom

“Wow, I never realized you could SwaggerTag so many items! I gave one to my mom, she wanted to use it to keep the kid’s photo’s safe on her key chain, I thought that was a great idea! Like it says, ‘anything that goes out the door!’ You will not be disappointed with these, and you’re kids will love them!” – Outnumbered 3-1

“Where I once used to write his name with a simple black marker on all of his school supplies and jackets, he now insists on his own labeling system. We found that SwaggerTag is a fun, more personal way to identify his stuff during the school year.” – As Mom Sees It

“Never worry about a lost lunchbox again – SwaggerTags are a fantastic way to identify your child’s lunchbox without giving too much information away (you have to open them to see the identification – the outside is customized by you with any photo!) They come in a selection of fun colors too and are guaranteed to not fall off. Perfection!” – My Sweet Greens

“Sometimes you either want something BIGGER than a label, or not as boring as a regular ID tag on their backpack, gym back, music bag, dance bag, lunch boxes, etc. I have THE solution for you! SwaggerTag! Cool looking aren’t they?” – Bless Their Hearts Mom

“It [SwaggerTag] is completely customizable with your own photo, image, or logo. It is weather and impact resistant and has environmentally aware packaging.” – My Beautiful Adventure

“I give SwaggerTags 2 big thumbs up! They are a “must-have” for Back to School.” – Mom Does Reviews

“SwaggerTag comes with everything you need to make it your own and attach to the item of your choice.” – After Globe

“A new and creative way to ‘tag’ your stuff so others know who it belongs to.” – Style Closet

“I really do like this product, and now I don’t have to worry about someone taking my daughter’s violin on accident.” – Army Tanker’s Wife

“Thankfully with SwaggerTags I can keep track of whose stuff is whose! SwaggerTags come in different colors and you’re sure to find one that is perfect for the you or your child.” – I Like It Frantic

“You can use them for whatever needs identification, like book bags, lunch bags, bikes (yep!), wheelchairs, gym bags, dog leash!… If you can loop it, you can Tag it.” – What I Run Into

“SwaggerTags meet the balance of providing a unique identity without giving away everything else. The best part is you can customize your tag (which really looks like a funky locket) with any picture that matches your expression of the moment!” – GastroTraveling, JustLuxe, & Tripatini

“They handled really well throughout our road trip. Kids can be pretty tough on these type of objects, and these SwaggerTags are sturdy.” – Urban Bliss Life

“You can tag each individual family member’s items with one color, or your entire family’s the same color so they’re easy to spot on a luggage carousel, and then with different creative options for the inserts for each person.” – Three Different Directions

“I have already recommended them to a family member who travels quite a lot as these would be ideal for him.” –

“I didn’t know how they would hold up during my 24 hours of flying and 3 flight transfers, and to be honest I figured they’d be destroyed by the time I got off the plane, but I was pleasantly to surprised to see them intact and without a scratch! I need more of these for everything!!” – HeyDoYou

“Who said luggage tags need to be boring? We love SwaggerTag, a new way to customize your luggage tags, pet collars, sport bags, backpacks, electronics and just about anything else you want to put your name on.” – JustLuxe

“You can now safely tag pretty much anything … your pet, kid’s items, travel luggage… the list is endless.” – Baby & Life

“I love these because SwaggerTags are identification tags that allow us to reflect our own personality and help keep track of our gear, luggage and more!” – Jenn’s Blog of Random Thoughts

“Super Cool!”, “What a great idea!”, “You know how much we like to put our pictures on our items, so that’s fantastic!” and “I love that!” – Julissa Ortiz, Good Day Sacramento (CBS)

“The tags are very durable and I love that the part where you write is protected. Your address and other info won’t get wet or smudged! It’s safe! Best of all, I love that we can personalize our tags! How awesome is this?” – Life on Manitoulin

“My first opinion of the SwaggerTag was that it was brilliant. (…) At $3.99 each (SRP), SwaggerTag are affordable and necessary for everything that travels with my kids!” – 1 Heart, 1 Family

“SwaggerTags are so awesome, I like to use them for more than just travel! (…) SwaggerTags are a definite Poppet’s Pick!“ – Pardon My Poppet

“[T]he possibilities for their use are endless : backpacks, diaper bags, sport bags, lunch boxes, band instruments, bikes, dog leashes, luggage!” – The Good Stuff Guide

“Having worked for an airline for years I know how important tags are! Having a bright noticeable tag on your bags will lower the likelihood of someone else grabbing your black non-identifiable bag from the carousel at the airport.” – Shannon’s View From Here

“There are endless opportunities in making these tags your own.” – Genuine Jenn

“SwaggerTags can be attached to pretty much anything, from backpacks and lunch boxes, to luggage, sports bags and even bicycles.” – My Real Review

“SwaggerTag represents the ultimate in customization.” – MommyGearest

“Made by a Canadian, SwaggerTag is designed to withstand unpredictable weather. Made by a mom, it’s also designed to withstand some heavy handling (read: abuse by child owners).” – A Motherhood Experience

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