Multipurpose Identification Tags

Safety Information

SwaggerTag Product Safety Information

Safety First

At SwaggerTag, we want our products to be safe for the whole family. We have worked to ensure that SwaggerTag ID Tags comply with the toy testing safety standards as set out by:

  • The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Children’s Product Certificate
  • Health Canada’s Canada Consumer Product Safety Act’s Toy Regulations; &
  • The European Union’s Council Directive on the Safety of Toys

Our products are manufactured with food-grade materials, are bisphenol-free and contain no phthalates, lead or paints. All parts are coordinated by our authorized manufacturing partners in China.

If you wish to review our product testing report, have further inquiries about our manufacturing processes or SKUs, please contact us through our general contact form, by calling 1-866-460-4440, or by mail to: SwaggerTag, 1500 Avenue Road, PO Box 1347, Toronto, ON M5M 2K3 Canada. To receive our wholesale information, please use our wholesale contact form or call 1-866-460-4440.

SwaggerTag ID Tags' compliance with safety testing


Small Parts Warning

Not suitable for children 3 years & underThe SwaggerTag ID Tag package contains small parts (SwaggerTag lock & key), which may pose a chocking hazard for small children or pets. Our packaging clearly displays the internationally accepted warning “Not Suitable for ages 3 & under” (image at right). We do not recommend our product be handled by young children until AFTER assembly. Please use caution when assembling your SwaggerTag, and store the SwaggerTag key out of reach of young children and pets. If the lock or key are swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.


The Environment

SwaggerTag Packaging & Shipping

SwaggerTag Recycle LogoSwaggerTag packaging has been designed to be as mindful of the environment as reasonable, while still meeting the parameters and needs of our retailers. SwaggerTags are packaged in fully recyclable PETE(1) clamshells with recyclable paper backers. We also use unbleached, recyclable boxes and paper products for our shipping supplies and displays as much as possible.

We have opted to use non-heat-sealed clamshells. This helps prevent package opening cuts & scratches, and also allows a purchaser the option to customize the SwaggerTag’s “Window Art” before gifting.

SwaggerTag Refurbish Kit - Gecko Green, cropped

SwaggerTag Refurbish Kits

Before you replace your SwaggerTag because you no longer like the image you’ve added or there’s been a change to your personal information, consider purchasing a SwaggerTag Refurbish Kit, which includes everything you need to update your swagger. Refurbish Kits come in a variety of colors to match our units, but you can mix & match, too. Available only via the SwaggerTag online shop.

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