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The SwaggerTag Story

SwaggerTag StoryLike many entrepreneurs, my product was born of frustration. When my firstborn started Kindergarten, she showed up at school with the same pink polka dot backpack as three other girls in her class. I wanted her to be able to readily distinguish her own backpack, and ensure that her teacher, other staff and parents would have a way of identifying her pack if it was left behind. What I didn’t want, however, was for personal information to be on display.

SwaggerTag Identification Tags Awards 2015I sought something that was colorful and uniquely customizable; something that balanced a child’s sense of fun with my practical needs and personal taste. The options I found all fell short on some level. Many wouldn’t hold up against an active kid, a distracted teen or an airport carousel. More were prone to unscrew, come apart or break. Plus, with more than one child to consider, they needed to be adaptable, affordable and ready to go after purchase.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized all kinds of my family’s gear would benefit from having an identification tag attached. I soon learned that many people shared my opinion, so I decided to design a better tag: the SwaggerTag.


SwaggerTag is an award winning product:

  • 2015 Top Product of the Year Award from Creative Toy Magazine (Announced Sept. 2015, link to come.)
  • 2014 Mr. Dad Seal of Approval
  • 2014 Top Product of the Year Award from Creative Toy Magazine
  • Top 12 Finalist in Canada’s 2014 Mompreneur of the Year Award (and only repeat Finalist)
  • 2013 Top Choice of the Year Award from Creative Toy Magazine (To download the Creative Child Magazine App, click here and look for “Kids Gear”.)
  • Second Place & Top 10 Finalist in Canada’s 2013 Mompreneur of the Year Award
  • 2012 Top Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine (see page 171)
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