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The power of Mom Does Reviews

How one woman leverages her words.

Pamela Maynard Reviews SwaggerTag ID Tags<Pamela Maynard is a social media force! When we first connected, I was very happy to hear she was interested in reviewing our personal tags and running a contest. I was flattered because her “Mom Does Reviews” blog had an impressive reach. It wasn’t until yesterday that I learned she had so much more on offer.

When Pamela posts, she invites a connected group of other bloggers to post her review to their own websites. Instead of reaching one blog, SwaggerTag was posted to at least 10 (I may learn of more) on August 22, 2013. Given that each member of this group has impressive followings of their own, her review packed quite an amazing punch. Good thing she’s really liked SwaggerTag. And just to add a cherry on top of it all, SwaggerTag’s enjoyed a welcome upswing in Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers”. Woo-hoo!

Thank you, Pamela; and way to make it work, ladies!

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All a-twitter about SwaggerTag

Picking up on Tweets about SwaggerTag

Tweets about SwaggerTag, July 17, 2013

I love Twitter for all the connections you can make. It’s so cool that I was able to see the tweets about SwaggerTag from @TheStephGlover, @TodaysEveryMom and @JoulesDellinger in an exchange July 17, 2013. I had recently mailed a few samples to Stephanie Glover of A Grande Life for review, and she was obviously quite pleased about receiving them. She, and many other bloggers are heading to BlogHer13, the 9th annual conference for women bloggers, taking place at the Sheraton Chicago July 25 to 27, 2013. I hope everyone has a great time.

After receiving her package, Stephanie sent us an e-mail: “I love them! You guys are so great with customer service. I was surprised with the custom tags! I am using them for BlogHer so I’ll make sure to snag some pictures of them in the airport and have my review up after I get back!” I’m really looking forward to Stephanie’s upcoming review!

PBG Lifestyle Magazine

Swag for any Bag

PBG Lifestyle Magazine features Swaggertag as a creative tag solution for back-to-school.
PBG Lifestyle Mag LogoHollie Hosler of PBG Lifestyle Magazine paints a compelling picture of why every kid’s school backpack should have a SwaggerTag in her August 12, 2013 posting. And this happens to be the original catalyst for why these creative tags were developed:

“You spend a horrific amount of money on the backpack at the mall that your lovely child just “had” to have this upcoming school season. As they get into their homeroom class, they see three other students with the same exact bag, overtaking the spotlight that your child was supposed to have. The room, now overpopulated with identical book bags, becomes a worry for you, and a nuisance to your youngster. Here’s the answer: SwaggerTag.”

Here’s a little more of what Hollie had to say in her article:
• “Once you have your tag, let the creative juices flow as you customize and personalize your tag any way you want.”
• “This locket-style product lets you keep personal information on the inside, so it stays private unless it’s opened.”
• “[T]heir backpack will go back to its rightful owner if it was ever lost or got mixed up.
• “They are built to last as well.(…)The ties are strong enough to endure any extracurricular-active lifestyle.”
• “Not only are they useful at school, but SwaggerTags are perfect for anyone!”

PBG Lifestyle Magazine was created in 2008 to appeal specifically to the over 50,000 plus year-round residents of Palm Beach Gardens and visitors to this Everglades, Florida area. As the headquarters of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) of America and the self-proclaimed “Golf Capital of the World,” the city has become a magnet for high net worth individuals and celebrities from across the country and the world.

Urban Bliss Life Review

SwaggerTags are Sturdy Travel Gear Tags

UrbanBlissLife review of SwaggerTag ID Tags
You know how it is. In the rush to get the family off for vacation, a few things are left undone despite your planning and best intentions. This was the case for Marlynn Schotland of “Urban Bliss Life” who posted her review of SwaggerTag Identification Tags July 25, 2013 as great travel gear tags. As such, I only recently found out about it.

Urban Bliss Life SwaggerTag image, travel gear tagMarylyn and her family tried them out on a long weekend family trip to Seattle, and here’s what she said:
• “You can open the compartment of the tag easily to replace the factory images with your own. Then they snap back together and remain solidly closed. I was skeptical, but they really did remain closed throughout our entire trip.”
• “They handled really well throughout our road trip. Kids can be pretty tough on these type of objects, and these SwaggerTags are sturdy.”
• “The colors are cute, and I like the round design of the tags. I also like that our contact info is hidden and not just hanging out for everyone around us to see.”
• “SwaggerTags are extremely well-priced. At just $3.99, I think this is a high quality product that is functional and reliable for everyday use, travel, dog tags, you name it.”

“Urban Bliss Life” is a Lifestyle Blog for Modern Mom Entrepreneurs. Marylynn is a former broadcast news anchor/reporter and public relations director. She’s been loving living life to the fullest as a busy mom entrepreneur since 2005, and writing in the blogosphere for a loooong time. She started a mom blog called Maternity to Madness in October of 2004, and have since blogged about travel, style, design, food & wine, fashion, entertaining, motherhood, entrepreneurship, social media, public relations, marketing, Portland, Oregon events, book reviews, and work/life balance. So why does she call her blog “Urban Bliss Life” when she lives in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon? Urban Bliss is a state of mind, not a location.

Travel Accessory 3 in 1

SwaggerTag triple-heads it as a great travel accessory into JustLuxe, Tripatini & Gastro Traveling.

Travel accesory for Gastro Traveling, Tripatini & JustLuxe

Steve Mirsky has done SwaggerTag tripple service by posting his review of SwaggerTag as a great travel accessory to 3 great travel blogs: JustLuxe, Tripatini & his own blog Gastro Traveling. His article showcases 3 new travel-related products that make traveling a little easier: “At first glance, it may seem that luggage tags, portable electronic device protectors, and smart phone stands don’t warrant a spot on the latest must-have travel accessory list. But as travelers know, simpler is better and the devil is in the details. Is your smart phone protected from twisting and bumping? Is your neck pillow too bulky for stuffing in your carry-on? Can you quickly identify your luggage at baggage claim or are you one of the stragglers staring at the rotating sea of Samsonite black? Here are 3 new travel accessories that solve these problems.

Travel accessory for Gastro Traveling, Tripatini, JustLuxeSteve then wrote: “Baggage tags…you absolutely need one but don’t want prying eyes quickly reading your personal info. SwaggerTags meet the balance of providing a unique identity without giving away everything else. The best part is you can customize your tag (which really looks like a funky locket) with any picture that matches your expression of the moment! As you can see, mine isn’t a fuzzy kitty or a beloved daughter.”

Steve’s passion is helping readers gain a better understanding of food through travel via his own blog as well as a regular contributor to snoothmedianetwork, and

The York Regions Small Business News

SwaggerTag picked up in The York Regions Small Business News.

SwaggerTag, Toronto Small Business
On July 10th, The York Region Small Business Review picked up my re-tweet about Yashy Murphy’s “Life & Baby” blog post about SwaggerTag. So, yes…that’s a tweet of a tweet of a tweet…or re-re-tweet. I’m not sure exactly how it found it’s way into this great Toronto small business daily online publication, but I was certainly pleased to see it there!
Toronto small business

HeyDoYou Review

HeyDoYou reviews SwaggerTag I.D. Tags

HeyDoYou SwaggerTag I.D. Tags ReviewIt’s been a bit of a whirlwind lately on the blog front, and I just caught tweet of another great SwaggerTag I.D. Tags review by Bella Mumba of the lifetyle blog HeyDoYou. My samples arrived a day before she was leaving for Zambia, and she was able to really put them through their travel and ‘airport carousel’ paces, given her 3 flight transfers.

Bella posted that: “For those of you who don’t know what SwaggerTag I.D. Tags are, they are personalized and customizable I.D. tags that make identifying your belongings WAY EASIER. Whether it’s luggage, backpacks, dog(s), bicycle, guitar case, you name it; SwaggerTag I.D. Tags allow you to personalize and customize your tags according to your needs by adding your own photo, image, or logo, as well as your personal information such as your name, phone number, address etc, which can be hidden until opened.”

She went on with my new favorite quote: “I didn’t know how they would hold up during my 24 hours of flying and 3 flight transfers, and to be honest I figured they’d be destroyed by the time I got off the plane, but I was pleasantly to surprised to see them intact and without a scratch! I need more of these for everything!!”

HeyDoYou is a lifestyle blog for the cute, clever and connected. It was born on a perfect summer day in 2007, a unique gem (like an opal with a point of view) before blogs were a dime a dozen. Its love affair with special events, beauty products, street fashion, big city dogs, international trends and shiny gadgets has yield over 1 million unique visitors worldwide. HeyDoYou is a portal for social media and word of mouth marketing based in Brooklyn, New York. Bella Mumba is the Toronto Editor.

JustLuxe Review

JustLuxe includes our travel ID tags as a hot new product

SwaggerTag Review: travel id tagKellie Speed, who writes for JustLuxe, posted a piece July 15, 2013 in their Lifestyle section, on “Keep Cool This Summer with These Hot New Products”. Her review included: Jelly Beans shoes, Ogio‘s Brooklyn purse, a pocket-size synthesizer by Korg, Bite My Apple Station for iPhones, Digital Treasures battery charger for iPads, Dockem iPad tablet stand & pillow, and SwaggerTag as great travel ID tags.

Here’s what Kellie said about SwaggerTag: “Who said luggage tags need to be boring? We love SwaggerTag, a new way to customize your luggage tags, pet collars, sport bags, backpacks, electronics and just about anything else you want to put your name on. The weather resistant tag can be personalize with your own photo, image or logo and is great for camping, sporting or back-to-school gear for the kids. The tags come in six colors – Gekco Green, Dolphin Blue, Hot Pink, Mustang Purple, Dragon Red and Spider Grey.”

As the Boston city guide editor for JustLuxe, Kellie Speed is a native Bostonian and a freelance writer/editor/copywriter with more than 20 years experience writing for a variety of local and national publications, including AOL’s City’s Best Boston, Citybuzz, Upscale Living magazine, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, Mohegan Sun’s Legends and Amtrak’s Arrive. She is the Boston restaurant writer for Gayot’s travel site and also contributed to Moon Metro’s Boston guidebook published by Avalon Travel Publishing.

JustLuxe is a luxury Web publication providing objective analysis and information to affluent consumers of luxury goods, services and travel since 2004.

Travel Video News

Travel Video News reviews SwaggerTags as great travel accessories

Travel Accessory for Travel Video TV NewsTravel Video News posted a great piece July 9, 2013 to introduce SwaggerTags as great travel accessories with the headline: “A New Cute Travel Product Called the SwaggerTag Helps Personalize All Your Luggage.” Tavel accessory for Travel Video NewsThe writer goes on to say: “A cute item crossed my desk recently that is small, inexpensive, ($3.99 each) and helps you differentiate your luggage from everyone else’s. The part that’s cute is how you can customize it with your own photo, logo or image that floats your boat – like an earring or tattoo for your suitcase! They actually even make terrific tags for pet collars or as gift tags, and who doesn’t love customizing their stuff?”

The writer even added one to their own gear, saying: “They’re pretty hardy, so it would be difficult for them to be pulled off. I love how my company’s logo fit nicely into the tag, and I keep it on my brief case.”

Travel Video News is a news wire service that provides travel news, stories, product reviews and video footage to broadcast networks and other news channels and publications.

Luggage Bag Tags for Baby & Life!

Baby & Life Review & Contest

Baby&Life Logo 21006235_660366278667_840967797_nYashy Murphy, of blog Baby & Life! was packing her bags when she received a package from SwaggerTag. Naturally, she decided to use them as luggage bag tags, and somehow managed to post a review before she and her family jetted off for Ireland.

Here’s what Yashy finds awesome about SwaggerTags:
• It’s not just for kid’s stuff…it’s cute as a pet collar, great for totes, bicycles, bags of every nature – golf, camera, backpacks, sports bags
• Customizable with your own photo or logo and your personal info is HIDDEN.
• Water, weather and impact resistant.
• Made of non-toxic FOOD-GRADE plastics.
• Comes in 6 trendy colours – Gekco Green, Dolphin Blue, Hot Pink, Mustang Purple, Dragon Red and Spider Grey.
• Well priced at under $4 and comes with three cable ties (cable ties guys…so no one can easily just cut it off or untie the ribbon!)
• $2 refurbish kits available if there’s been a change in information or you’d like a new window.

Yashy commented on the SwaggerTag trademark: “gotta love that name – gives you some street cred!” and finished up with: “You can now safely tag pretty much anything … your pet, kid’s items, travel luggage… the list is endless.”

Born in Sri Lanka raised in Dubai, Bahrain, Pakistan, U.S, Australia and England, she now finds herself settled in Toronto. Passions include entertaining, fashion, wine, dining, cooking, cocktailing, travelling, hunting for random fun events in the city and now… exploring all things baby related. A branding specialist by profession, she found herself at home on maternity leave with a newborn and time on her hands, hence the blog was born.

Jen’s Blog Of Random Thoughts Review

Random Thoughts of Personal ID Tags

Personalized ID Tags

Jen’s Blog of Random Thoughts is a journal about Jennie Yuen‘s personal day-to-day events, food & dining, health & beauty, gadgets & technology, entertainment, travel experiences, and product reviews. On July 3, 2013, Jennie reviewed SwaggerTag as great personal ID tags. She wrote that: “My first reaction to these was that it was a clever idea. I really like the idea of adding a photo, logo, or any image on the tag. By customizing it, I can let people know it’s my stuff. It’s perfect for my backpack and luggage when I travel.”
She also highlighted SwaggerTag features & benefits:
VersatilitySwaggerTags can be used on purses & luggage, strollers & diaper bags, sport & computer bag.
DurabilitySwaggerTag is water, weather and impact resistant, with strong attachment points and ties to ensure it will stay with their gear.
VarietySwaggerTag is available in six distinctive colours: Gecko Green, Dolphin Blue, Hot Pink, Mustang Purple, Dragon Red and Spider Grey.
SafetySwaggerTags are safe for the whole family as they are produced using food-grade materials, are bisphenol-free and contain no paints.

Personal ID Tags
Personal ID Tags

I love that she chose to add her Random Thoughts logo to one of the sample I sent, and that her son enthusiastically embraced the SwaggerTag temporary tattoos!

Women Inventorz Network’s Product Showcase

SwaggerTag featured in the WIN’s Product Showcase

Good Day SacramentoThe Women Inventorz Network, who orchestrated the opportunity to be featured in the Good Day Sacramento (CBS) TV segments, also posted a “Product Showcase” on their blog for all eleven women-invented products. To learn more about all the fabulous featured products and their inventors, visit the Product Showcase link above, or the direct to website links below.
SwaggerTag Identification Tags is in the fifth spot, following: Elonka Nichole Designs, VeryMeri, Q-Redew and Drink Duets; and before: Corky Kouture, 3GirlsHolistic, The Shopping Pal, (fellow Canadian) Nightmare Nibbler, and FlopTopz. Like many women inventors, all of our products were designed out of frustration with what was currently available, and once developed, we found a following.

Good Day Sacramento with Women Inventorz Network

SwaggerTag shows Sacramento how to personalize gear

Personalize gear
Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight of the Women Inventorz Network were recently invited to the Good Day Sacramento (CBS) studios to feature 11 women-invented products, and SwaggerTag Identification Tags was lucky enough to be one of their picks!
SwaggerTag was included in Part 2 of 3 segments at the 1:45 min. mark. If you’d like to watch the whole feature on YouTube, including lead-ins, SwaggerTag comes up at the 7:10 min. mark.
Dhana & Melinda did a great job of profiling each product given the unpredictable nature of live television. Melinda was able to comment on many of the great SwaggerTag features and Good Day cast member Julissa Ortiz called SwaggerTag “Super Cool!” When she learned how to keep personal information hidden until opened, she exclaimed: “What a great idea!” Her other comments included “You know how much we like to put our pictures on our items, so that’s fantastic!” and “I love that!” about the many possibilites to personalize gear with SwaggerTag.

Norby’s Department Store

Norby’s introduces the Detroit Lakes to SwaggerTag ID tags for sport bags, backpacks, fishing gear and more.

Detroit Lakes, Minnesota
tags for sport bags
SwaggerTags are perfect tags for sport bags, backpacks, bikes, computer cases, medical aids, duffles, fishing tackle boxes and everything else that heads out to lake country. It seems natural, therefore, that an area popular for fishing and relaxed outdoor and lakeside fun could use SwaggerTags. I am pleased to announce that SwaggerTags are now being sold through Norby’s Department Store.
If you live, cottage or visit the Detroit Lakes district of Minnesota, you’re sure to know Norby’s Department Store. Since 1906, this family-owned department store has been renown for it’s personalized, small town service and surprising mix of products sold.
Did you know there are over 400 lakes around the Detroit Lakes area? Here’s hoping SwaggerTags are a hit with Minnesota residents and visitors.

Life on Manitoulin Review

“Awesome” ID Tags for Luggage & More

SwaggerTag id tags for luggage
Twitter is amazing for connections and has been invaluable in helping me get the word out about my ID tags for luggage, backpacks, duffles, carrying cases, bikes and more.
A while back, Sharon Vinderine (of PTPA) and I were bantering about travel. A little later I connected with Christine Lee-McNaughton of “Life on Manitoulin” fame. She’d heard about SwaggerTag through Sharon, and was keen to review them for her blog. They were a hit with both Christine and her daughter.
Here’s some of what she said in her post:
• “When SwaggerTag asked me if I’d like to try out their tags, I said yes! How serendipitous since I was actually in need of something like this!”
• “The tags are very durable and I love that the part where you write is protected. Your address and other info won’t get wet or smudged! It’s safe!”
• “Best of all, I love that we can personalize our tags! How awesome is this?”
For the complete post, click here.
Christine was a city girl who moved to the country, fell in love, and married a farmer. She tries to incorporate her city ways with her new country lifestyle and blogs to keep in touch with friends, family & students who live far, far away. Can this city girl go country? Be sure to check her out and follow.

1 Heart, 1 Family Review

“Brilliant” bag tags for kids gear!

Bag Tag for Kids ReviewUsually, I’m the one who approaches bloggers to see if they might be interested in reviewing my bag tags for kids or we casually connect personally or online, but Jennifer Van Huss of “1 Heart, 1 Family” sought out SwaggerTag after hearing about it. After her young son got off his school bus at the wrong school his first day, she started looking for an identification tag that would help keep him and his siblings safe, yet still keep their gear identifiable. After coming up dry, as I did, Jennifer came across SwaggerTag, became an instant fan and contacted me for a review. Here’s some of what she said:

1Heart1Family Bag Tags for Kids“My first opinion of the SwaggerTag was that it was brilliant. I loved the bright colours and way the SwaggerTag conceals your information on the inside of the tag. With children, its not always advisable to have personal information showing at all times. The ability to personalize your SwaggerTag with a picture or logo of your choice is very clever and easy to do! All you have to do is choose a picture that you want on the tag, use the guide provided with the kit to cut out the exact size you need, insert and attach to your bag! If you choose to change the picture later on or use the tag for a different purpose, replacement kits are available!”

“I was very impressed with the quality of the SwaggerTag. They are made out of a strong, durable food grade plastic that doesn’t contain BPA or other dangerous paints or chemicals. This is an important characteristic that I look for when choosing product that my children will be using on a daily basis”.

“At $3.99 each (SRP), SwaggerTag are affordable and necessary for everything that travels with my kids!”

For the whole review, click here.

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