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Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink Review

Loving Lesli at Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink’s review of SwaggerTag ID Tags!

Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink LogoThird grade teacher and extensive lifestyle blogger Lesli gave the SwaggerTag ID Tag team some light this past month with her amazing review. Because Lesli is a wanderlust-filled traveler, her blog is riveted with interesting tidbits, inspiration, and unique ways to live the best life possible. Her “Put a little umbrella in your drink” slogan lends an all-too-perfect mentality, even in these Canadian shiver-inducing months ahead.

Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink ImageIn her November 16, 2014 review, Lesli introduces the question: without children, how will she find any use of SwaggerTag? Many of our reviewers are mothers with lunch boxes, backpacks, and diaper bags to keep track of. However, Lesli sees great utilization behind SwaggerTag, saying, “I soon realized that SwaggerTag can personalize and help keep track of all types of gear and carrying cases. By customizing with your own photo, image, message, or logo, they let everyone know it’s your stuff.” Simply put, SwaggerTags aren’t just for kids.

Lesli suggests SwaggerTag for holiday gift giving, and further states that she loves the versatility, durability, variety, and safety of the SwaggerTag. She strapped her pink SwaggerTag to her make up case for her future travels; I love the way it looks against her funky make up case print!

Lesli is an Ohio-based writer and blogger of “Put A Little Umbrella In Your Drink” with a marvelous husband and a truly brilliant life. She writes about her passion, photography, her favorite pastime, travel, delicious foods, and just about every other fabulous thing in between.

Lane Kennedy Talks Life: the Entrepreneur Experience with SwaggerTag founder Karen Walker

Check Out my Entrepreneur Experience interview with Lane Kennedy!

Lane Kennedy Talks LifeLane Kennedy Levy, a vibrant and “straightforward” woman with immense personal power and beauty asked me a few entrepreneur questions for an October 24, 2014 podcast distributed to her amazing online community of “Lane Kennedy Talks Life: the Entrepreneur Experience”. Have a listen to her interesting questions and my answers!

Lane asked me to name two entrepreneur-related tips to share with Moms right now. Just two? It was hard to choose, of course. But I arrived at some relevant truths: “It’s going to take you longer than you likely think, so persevere. It helps to surround yourself with a small business community, whether in-person or virtual, to ask questions, get feedback and support.” If I could underline this, over and over, with red pen: I would.

Furthermore, she asked me to name two books I’d like Lane Kennedy Levy listeners to read. Of course, I had to mention my handy-dandy “bible,” The Mom Inventors Handbook by Tamara Monosoff. Also, of course, I noted my favorite de-stress activity: curling up on a comfortable couch and reading Brit chick-lit.

Lane Kenney Levy’s website gives three-dimensions to her overarching mission: “to touch the lives of other women who are on a quest to having and enjoying more time, freedom, and independence!” She wants to activate our lives, empower us to live stronger, and fuel our own change in the world. Lane lives a truly incredible, inspiring existence, and she gives strength to other entrepreneur women (like me at SwaggerTag!) all over the world. Check out her blog for unique life advice, really funny anecdotes, and fun life-affirming challenges.

Champagne Living Review

What I’m Loving about Champagne Living’s Mention of SwaggerTag ID Tags

Champagne Living review of SwaggerTag

Zipporah Sandler of Champagne Living lives her life with full vivacity. Just a brief look at her blog reveals a dream-like sequence of holidays, thrilling fashion, and essential ways to escape the mundane. Her mention of SwaggerTag ID Tags for her “Packing for a Weekend in Daytona Beach” October 24, 2014 blog gave me a few pangs of travel-envy. Notwithstanding, I’m warmed to think of SwaggerTag all the way there, dusted with a bit of Florida sand.

Champagne Living Image with SwaggerTag ID TagsZipporah—known as Zippy—sends us her targeted, fashion-forward Daytona Weekend packing list with a series of delightful bags, chic jackets, and elegant dresses. Attached to that essential bag is her Hot Pink SwaggerTag, complete with a Champagne Living logo gleaming on the inside. (Check out her logo, by the way. The Eiffel Tower. A glass of champagne. A puppy dog. What more could a girl need?) Because Zippy says she’s been known to leave her bag behind, she loves the assurance of the SwaggerTag. Plus, she loves the bright, popping colors—easy to spot on her bag’s many trips around airport conveyor belts all over the world.

Here’s what Zippy said in her article: “I keep [SwaggerTag] on all of my luggage as they’re bright, vibrant, and easy to spot! They are water, weather, and impact resistant (So I can bring them on my beach tot), with strong attachment points and ties to ensure it will stay with your gear.”

Zippys’s Champagne Living blog brings her lifestyle and travel expertise to full form. She’s lived all over France (thus giving herself refined champagne taste, of course), and she currently resides close to the beach, in South Florida. She gives product reviews, delightful travel stories, very seasoned fashion advice, and so much more. She continually advises one to “savor the moment.”

Naturally Cracked Review

Naturally Cracked boosts SwaggerTag ID Tags to stocking stuffer status

That’s right: this year, Naturally Cracked review of SwaggerTag ID TagsNaturally Cracked bumped SwaggerTag up to stocking stuffer status in her October 21, 2014 post entitled That’s right: “SwaggerTag is making my life that much easier: no more worry of items being lost!” The holidays are almost here, everyone, and mom blogger Tiffany Collins at Naturally Cracked is preparing with an initial ID tag search.

Naturally Cracked Image of SwaggerTag ID TagsTiffany’s creative personality fuels her to label her stockings differently: she seems to make the stocking search an interesting one, hiding the stockings throughout her house and allowing her children the fun of investigation! She states: “I was trying to figure out a fun way that my youngest could find his stocking and be independent when doing so.” What a fun use of SwaggerTag! Tiffany further says: “I was able to customize my tags with just about anything from simple initials, a name, or even a picture. Karen, the owner and designer, was fantastic and sent me a special SwaggerTag with my Blog logo.” Tiffany swiped a SwaggerTag for herself to tote around at conferences and various events, as well, allowing everyone to note that she is the blogger behind Naturally Cracked. She was able to keep her very personal information confidential on the inside of the SwaggerTag for enhanced convenience, as well.

Furthermore, Tiffany notes that we at SwaggerTag are proud supporters of Scouts Canada. She says: “I love sharing and supporting companies that are giving back and supporting local organizations.” Cool!

She further suggests: “Don’t forget to get your kids, teachers, spouse, and anyone else a SwaggerTag this holiday season and give them the gift of reassurance!” I couldn’t have said it better myself — thanks, Tiffany!

Ontario-based blogger Tiffany’s Naturally Cracked is her platform for her endless, unafraid, and super-confident opinions. She says: “I love to talk about things I like, the things I don’t like, how I do things, and why I do them and honestly sometimes I just need to vent.” She shares reviews, recipes, parenting information, and other topics parents want and need to discuss in an open, communicative environment. Her current 2014 Holiday Gift Guide—getting the head-start on all of us—is an essential for the next six weeks.

MomFuse Review

Jessica at MomFuse Signs Off on SwaggerTag ID Tags!

Mom Fuse review of SwaggerTag ID TagsMoms at MomFuse: For Moms. By Moms, clipped a few SwaggerTag ID Tags to their own gear and gave us a sweet mention this past October 13, 2014. I was thrilled to find our name in their “Fab Finds,” right there with Frozen character cuddle pillows.

Back to school tags - Kids with LogoJessica, founder of MomFuse, states that SwaggerTag ID tags “increase the odds of gear being returned” in the event that it’s misplaced. (And as a mother of 2 children, I’m sure Jessica understands the all-too-familiar concept of “misplaced” items.) She recommends clipping SwaggerTag ID Tags to “backpacks, lunch bags, luggage, sport duffels, diaper bags, equipment, instrument cases, bikes”—the list goes on! And she further loves the food-grade manufacturing and environmentally-conscious packaging. Best of all: she gives a comprehensive list of “What makes SwaggerTag so cool?,” answering that SwaggerTags are: customizable, safer, stronger, durable, multipurpose, moveable, and FUN—complete with six colors.

Jessica over at MomFuse is an extensive blogger, mother of twins, and lover of the St. Louis Cardinals. Her website, MomFuse, was “created by moms, for moms,” and becomes a sort of online resource for honest product reviews, giveaways, fab finds, and “momtrepreneur” promotions. The site brings delightful recipes, craft ideas, fun mom-inspired celebrity interviews, and so much more. Moms can come here to chat with other moms about “must-have” items to make this parenting thing a little bit easier. Lucky for us here at SwaggerTag, that product of mid-October was SwaggerTag ID Tags.

The Stuff Of Success Review

The Stuff of Success’ SwaggerTag ID Tag Review

Stuff of Success review of SwaggerTag ID TagsAmerican Northeastern-based head writer of The Stuff of Success, Athena Nagel, accepted a few SwaggerTags a while back, and I couldn’t be happier with her October 8, 2014 product review. (After all: to be mentioned in The Stuff of Success—as a labeled “successful” invention—is quite a pleasure for SwaggerTag ID Tags!)

The Stuff of Success SwaggerTag ID PhotoAthena at The Stuff of Success loves that “SwaggerTag ID Tags make it easy, safe, fun, and affordable to identify everything that goes out the door.” She notes that SwaggerTags are very “attractive and customizable,” leaving your kids to do whatever they want to boast their personality on the outside of their backpack or duffel. She even mentions that their avid camping family will be latching their SwaggerTag ID Tags to their bikes at their usual campground to keep better track of them.

Athena, the head writer and reviewer of The Stuff of Success, is a daytime School Business Administrator and a nighttime mother to two special needs children. Her life is a whirlwind adventure, boasting a ton of loving and lovely family members and many vacations in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Check out her product reviews, her giveaways, and her guides to better gift giving.

Have Sippy Will Travel Guest Blog Post

Check out my SwaggerTag ID Tag guest blog post on Have Sippy, Will Travel!

SwaggerTag Guest Post on Have Sippy Will TravelLast September, I had the enormous pleasure of guest blogging about SwaggerTag ID Tags on Have Sippy, Will Travel, a Travel website owned by a remarkable woman named Samantha. My article: “The Migratory Patterns of Kids’ Gear,” could be the outline of the next big children’s book. Where, in the world, does our kids’ stuff go? Does it walk on its own? Does it have its own bus fare? “How does a pair of running shoes find its way up telephone wires? Do scooters and bikes wheel themselves miles away from home?” These are not questions I—or anyone else—can readily answer. In fact, the New York City’s Transit reports a rotating inventory of more than 160,000 missing items. How many of those things, do you think, are purses, pink backpacks, or super-important stuffed animals? Of course, this New York City Transit system does its very best to reunite these items with their original owners (see my post if you want to learn how). But this matching is often difficult—paving the way for SwaggerTag ID Tags. Think of all the public-transit people, all over the world, with easy minds as they hook up with their things again. Phew.

My September 27, 2014 article was well-received, and was widely shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Backpacks with SwaggerTagSamantha of Have Sippy, Will Travel is an intelligent spark in the blogosphere. She speaks several foreign languages and has traveled to many countries, all over the world. (Her most posts about Vermont, a picturesque farm in the middle of Pennsylvania, and a cliff-side home in Maine are so beautiful, it’s heart wrenching. What a life she leads!) Check out her travel advice, her diet plan reviews, her favorite fashion items, and her continuous joie de vivre. She was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Mom Bloggers in Social Media, and she has appeared in Entertainment Tonight, HostelBookers, Island Life and Times Magazines, Good Housekeeping, and many more. Thanks, Samantha, for bringing me into your enlightening Have Sippy, Will Travel world! Review examines the essential travel element: SwaggerTag ID Tags! on SwaggerTag ID TagsLast September, Lysa Allman-Baldwin, a Kansas City-based Cultural Travel Writer for the Examiner, made a list of “More Essential Travel Elements (Part 2)” that gave a cheerful nod to us here at SwaggerTag. Alongside Chilly Jilly’s super-chic travel lounge pants and an upgraded smart phone sits our bright SwaggerTag, which Lysa terms a “Little Travel Swagger.”

Examiner Photo of SwaggerTag ID TagsAs a consistent globetrotter herself, Lysa states that she loves lending her “kids a little something ‘upscale,’” and vibrant as they cruise along with her on her many journeys. She gives the SwaggerTag a “stylish but very reasonably priced” rating, and notes that they are essential for “purses, luggage, strollers, diaper bags, sport, and computer bags”—especially in poor weather conditions. (Bad weather seems to wait for your travel plans, doesn’t it?)

And I love that she mentioned some of the awards SwaggerTag was earned in her September 25, 2014 review.

Lysa Allman-Baldwin, one of the Examiner’s travel writers, is a blur of constant color and energy, traveling everywhere in the world and writing about her cultural, cuisine, and festival experiences. The Examiner itself is a 2008-launnched entertainment, news, and lifestyle community with over twenty million readers around the world.

For Part 1 of “Essential Travel Elements”, click here.

Central Minnesota Mom Review

Central Minnesota Mom blogger tackles SwaggerTag ID Tags

Central Minnesota Mom on SwaggerTag ID TagsMother of three Central Minnesota Mom Karen Nelson is an extensive blogger, product reviewer, crafter, and travel-logger from the pretty US state with 10,000 lakes. She agreed to try out SwaggerTag ID Tags and bring vibrant color to her everyday familial organization. My fellow Karen received three SwaggerTag colors: Dolphin Blue, Gecko Green, and Hot Pink—one for each of her kids.

Central Minnesota Mom Photo 1In her September 16, 2014 review, Karen walks us through the ways in which she personalized her children’s SwaggerTag ID Tags: from showing us the included rub-on tattoos to laying out each of the included elements of the packaging: the 3 cable ties, the 2 photo protectors, the 1 ID circle, and the 1 circle template.

Central Minnesota Mom Photo 2Because she’s a crafty, creative woman, she didn’t go the paved route to personalizing her children’s SwaggerTags. Karen says: “Now as far as creating your SwaggerTag, I cheated. My kids all wanted images of themselves where I found it hard to crop without removing too much. So I shrunk the images and printed them, and then mounted them on a circle of scrapbooking paper.” Love to see my fellow crafty blogger making SwaggerTag her own!

Karen goes on to note that SwaggerTag “is made of high-quality, food grade plastics.” She appreciates that those colorful, super-safe ID tags are going to keep-on, keepin’ on: “not to fade, come apart, unscrew or break.” Karen further states that she has “handled other ID tags that are sloppy when closing,” unlike SwaggerTag.

Central Minnesota Mom Photo 3A once-licensed veterinary technician, blogger mom Karen missed adult conversation when she went home to raise her three young children. As a result: she created a conversation on the Internet she knew other mothers would be interested in, as well. Every day, she discusses recipes, super-cool travel destinations and deals, brightening up your everyday lifestyle, and creating unique arts and crafts. Even as the gray skies start to cower over Minnesota and us here in Canada, Karen from the state with 10,000 lakes is always giving something we can get excited about. And, lucky for us, in her September 16 blog article, she allowed other moms all over the world to get excited about SwaggerTag!

Canadian Family Roundup

Canadian Family’s Awesome Shout Out to SwaggerTag ID Tag!

Canadian Family on SwaggerTagCanadian Family blogger and self-described kid-gear expert Andrea Traynor felt the uncomfortable tremors of back-to-school and took action with an extensive “10 Things to Get Kids Excited About Back to School List” last September. Lucky for us, SwaggerTag ID Tags made the list!

Canadian Family's photo of SwaggerTag ID TagsBeyond the first realms of brand-new-shoes and new backpacks, Andrea Traynor discusses essential new ways to personalize your kids’ back-to-school gear with things like super-fun skydiving pig pencil toppers, chic clothing options, and non-toxic jewelry. SwaggerTag ducks into the list, fueling “fun and safe” ways for kids “to stake claims to their back packs or lunch bags.” Canadian Family discusses the different design ideas for personalization: from TV characters to kid-created (often in that thick pink crayon or lime green marker) designs.

Canadian Family is the go-to website for parents with continuous questions. Parents with a house full of picky eaters can halt their worries with an extensive list of super-healthy, kid-friendly recipes. Worries about safety during long vacations or “how to throw the best birthday party” fly out the window with essential descriptions and marvelous, creative ideas. It’s perfect for all of us: from those of us wide-eyed and just getting started on the parenting train to those of us tired and weary, packing up college boxes and sending our kids on their way. Extend your parenting knowledge, treat yourself well, and have a little fun with your children with their help. Seriously: they know what they’re talking about.

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