Multipurpose Identification Tags

SwaggerTag Assembly Instructions

How to Assemble Your SwaggerTag in Less than 5 Minutes

Watch the below video to learn how to assemble your SwaggerTag, including the correct way to attach a SwaggerTag to your gear, in less than 5 minutes in real time. For assembly, you’ll need your SwaggerTag, a pen and a pair of scissors. The video also includes how to remove a SwaggerTag from your gear (i.e., for transfer to another article.)

We suggest you also check the photo below to ensure that you’ve assembled your SwaggerTag correctly. Incorrect assembly may apply too much pressure to the lock seam and compromise the strength of the lock & tether system in certain situations (i.e., if the tether gets snagged and pulled with force.)
SwaggerTag Assembly, Incorrect & Correct

If you don’t know what to add to your SwaggerTag Window, check out our FREE “Window Art” Library and select an image set from our growing collection.

SwaggerTag Assembly Video

For printed step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your SwaggerTag ID tag, please download the SwaggerTag Assembly Instructions PDF.

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