Multipurpose Identification Tags


About SwaggerTag

SwaggerTag Identification Tags Awards 2015SwaggerTags were created to help people identify their gear and increase the odds of that gear being returned to them if misplaced. We believe our tags are better because they are:

  • Customizable: allows your SwaggerTag to be as unique as you are.
  • Safer: hides personal information until opened.
  • Stronger: impact-resistant unit with strong attachment points.
  • Durable: water & weather-resistant and can’t be removed without the use of tools.
  • Multipurpose: can be attached to a wide variety of gear.
  • Moveable: includes 3 fifty-pound tensile strength cable ties.
  • Fun: 6 bright colors to choose from: Gecko Green, Dolphin Blue, Hot Pink, Mustang Purple, Dragon Red and Spider Grey.
  • Awards

    SwaggerTag is an award winning product:

  • 2015 Top Product of the Year Award from Creative Toy Magazine (Announced Sept. 2015, link to come.)
  • 2014 Mr. Dad Seal of Approval
  • 2014 Top Product of the Year Award from Creative Toy Magazine
  • Top 12 Finalist in Canada’s 2014 Mompreneur of the Year Award (and only repeat Finalist)
  • 2013 Top Choice of the Year Award from Creative Toy Magazine (To download the Creative Child Magazine App, click here and look for “Kids Gear”.)
  • Second Place & Top 10 Finalist in Canada’s 2013 Mompreneur of the Year Award
  • 2012 Top Product of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine (see page 171)
  • The Environment

    SwaggerTags are safe for the whole family. We manufacture with food-grade materials. They are bisphenol-free and contain no paints.

    SwaggerTag packaging has been designed to be as environmentally conscious as possible, while still meeting the parameters of our retailers. SwaggerTags are packaged in fully recyclable PETE(1) clamshells with recyclable cardboard backers. We also, whenever possible, select unbleached, recyclable boxes and paper products for our shipping supplies.

    And before you replace your SwaggerTag because you no longer like the image you’ve added or there’s been a change to your personal information, consider purchasing a SwaggerTag Refurbish Kit, which includes everything you need to update your swagger.

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