Multipurpose Identification Tags

SwaggerTag Identification Tags

SwaggerTag ID Tags, in 6 colors with 3 open units & logoSwaggerTags are identification tags that personalize and help you protect your gear from mix-ups, leave behinds and lost & found purgatory. By customizing with your own photo, image, message or logo, you let everyone know it’s your stuff. You decide what personal information to include and your SwaggerTag reveals your contact details only when opened.

A SwaggerTag remains with your gear, thanks to our incredibly strong & twist-resistant “Forget-Me” tether & lock design. You won’t have to worry that your ID tag will unscrew, break or come apart. The child-proof lock is also transferable and adjustable. Our bag tags are water, weather and impact resistant, which make them ideal for the rigours of school aged kids, as luggage tags or any other gear you’d like to identify with a personal tag.

SwaggerTag Forget-Me Lock & Tether System

Our ID tags are available in six distinctive colours:
Packaged SwaggerTag, 6 colors

  • Gecko Green
  • Dolphin Blue
  • Hot Pink
  • Mustang Purple
  • Dragon Red and
  • Spider Grey

We also offer cost-saving 3-Pack and 6-Pack configurations.

Add a SwaggerTag to every bag.

Watch our 1-minute product video to learn more

What Should You SwaggerTag?

  • backpacks & lunch bags
  • sport, duffle & golf bags
  • bikes, scooters & strollers
  • briefcases, purses  & diaper bags
  • equipment bags & electronics cases
  • luggage, carry-on’s & overnight bags
  • camper, camping & hiking gear
  • coolers & equipment trunks
  • tote bags & tack bags
  • equestrian gear
  • instrument cases
  • personal carts
  • wheelchairs, walkers & medical aids
  • dog leash, and pet totes & crates
  • keychains
  • anything that goes out the door!
SwaggerTag Identification Tags
SwaggerTag Packaging, in 2 rows
SwaggerTag Identification Tags Awards 2015

Who Should Be SwaggerTag’ed?

  • students
  • kids & families
  • travellers
  • day trippers
  • sports enthusiasts
  • hikers & campers
  • golfers
  • musicians
  • crafters & collectors
  • schools
  • camps
  • clubs & teams
  • those with special needs and equipment
  • pet owners
  • businesses
  • institutions & organizations
  • anyone who wants to keep track of their gear!

For step-by-step video or printed instructions on how to assemble your SwaggerTag ID Tag, click here..

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